Presentation and Display
Bespoke frame and mount for double sided woodcut using ultra violet filtering glass.
During frame refit, creating a new gold mount to enable the watercolour to fit securely in the frame.
Before treatment
Preservation and restoration of original methods of display, such as mounts, frames and screens is undertaken sympathetically. Treatments options reflect the artifact and its historic setting, its original form, function and presentation.
Knowledge of styles, context, form and function of an artifact enables conservation and restoration treatment options to sympathetically reflect the various facets of the artifact. Advice on the historic presentation and display of artworks within their original interior setting, particularly the English 18th and 19th century is available.
A pair of 18th century pastel portraits after treatment and refitting into original restored frames.
12 watercolours refitted into original Edwardian folding screen after their remedial treatment.
Minor frame damage is repaired.
After treatment
Low reflectance Ultra Violet filtering glass was used.
A stipple engraving of William Pitt, before on the left & after treatment on the right.