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There are many more examples of conserved works on paper and parchment available to view on request.
Freshly made wheat starch paste & handmade paper used for repairing works on paper.
A 19th century watercolour; retouching areas of pigment loss on a repair patch.
Treatments Remedial treatment of works on paper including watercolours, prints, drawings, ink, crayon, charcoal, pastels, fans, photographs, parchment, manuscripts, archival material, miniatures, historical mounts and frame restoration.
Treatment Reports. Part of the treatment process consists of comprehensive reports. These include a detailed condition assessment, which establish through various examination techniques, the objects composition, material components, fabrication, and its physical and chemical state. Treatment reports include recording all materials and chemicals used as well as processes employed. Materials used to treat and repair artifacts are of museum quality and chemicals used are of high purity analytical grade. Depending on the clients’ preferences photographic documentation includes before, sometimes during, and after treatment images, provided via high resolution digital format.