A map box being placed in a protective enclosure. Inert foam has been placed inside the box to protect the structure.
Re housing a collection of miniatures within a protective box using low reflectance, ultra violet filtering glass. The miniatures can be removed if required. A foam wedge was supplied to rest the box on for ease of viewing.
Housing & Storage
Appropriate housing and storage is vital for the long-term preservation of works on paper. Different supports and media require different forms of housing and storage to provide optimum care. Individual items or large collections can be appropriately re- housed using materials suitable to their needs, thus preventing chemical and physical damage. The images below shows a few examples.
Six delicate botanical watercolours on tracing papers are individually hinged and mounted with a hinged protective top sheet, made of 100% cotton museum board.
The stack of mounted artworks before placing in a storage box.
A set of botanical watercolours after treatment. The works had been on display for many years and in order to provide optimum preservation they were taken off display, mounted in museum mounts and placed in Solander boxes. Archival reproductions were made (no copyright infringements) and placed within the original frames.
The reproductions in their original frames.
The mounted works in the box, padded out with inert foam to prevent undue movement
The works in their box and reproduction in the top right
A collection of photographs of varying types with different storage solutions.
Archives after treatment in polyester enclosures with microchamber paper inserts.
A collection of archives stored in an archival card box
Folders made to measure to reduce storage space, storing a limited amount of documents.
A watercolour following treatment is hinged and mounted
A four flap folder is made to house the work
A protective archival board is placed over the mount.
The enclosure is tied with linen tape allowing easy access
A single document is placed within a cotton card support, and a four flap enclosure is made to store it
A parchment Indenture is rehoused within an archival card board box with inert foam supports which also enable easy access.
A close up of a seal support used for storage.
a lone seal is rehoused in its own box with foam inserts and placed within a box for storage.
A 3D view of crystal palace aka A Peep show.
The peep show is placed in a box with inert foam storage.
The box is clearly labelled with a photograph of the item and tied with linen tape for ease of access.
After flattening the parchment document was mounted to allow for double sided viewing.
A parchment document before treatment in a rolled state. Rolling & unrolling was causing damage to inks and parchment.
The closed Solander box housing & protecting the mounted watercolours.