Damage from the broken glass is pronounced on removal from the frame.
A 19th century miniature on ivory, cleaned and refitted into its original frame.
After treatment the portrait was replaced into a cleaned frame which was securely re sealed with original backing sheet & labels.
Detailed photo, before treatment, this 18th century portrait’s frame seals had broken allowing dust & debris onto the work
After treatment
After treatment
Before treatment, the frame seals had broken allowing dust, debris & insects onto the portrait.
Before treatment
An internal spacer seen on the left is cut from 100% cotton board and retouched with black acrylic. This board is placed between the glazing and the artwork for protection.
A 19th Century Watercolour Portrait on Ivory
Before treatment
The back of the portrait
The original backing paper was carefully removed to reveal the inner backing board
After removal of the backing board the inner ppaer was revealed.
The acidic paper behing the ivory
The ivory back with adhesive and dirt.
Old adhesive and dirt was remove from the front and back of the ivory. The protait was then gently humidified and lightly pressed.
The frame was cleaned, missing areas were moulded and sympathetically retouched to match the original.
The portrait was refitted into the restored frame using 100% cotton board and microchamber products. the package was tripled sealed to prevent dust and pollution from entering.
After treatment