Preservation Reports, Surveys & Training Consultations and on site condition surveys of collections are available. Planning and implementation of a collections preservation program is also possible. Advice is available by appointment or on-site. Assessments are provided for the following:
When considering a Purchase Acquisition Reports: An independent assessment of the condition and implications of purchase of works on paper or parchment is provided along with potential costs of remedial treatments, housing, transportation and long term implications of ownership. Photographic documentation is also provided where possible.
Custodians of Collections requiring advice on the current state and long term care of the collection.
When holding an exhibition. Exhibitions Consultation Conservator The safe displays of parchment and paper artefacts are met using museum standards. Services include condition assessments, incoming loan checks, remedial treatments, advice on the environment, (relative humidity, temperature and light levels), object support, installation of artefacts, post exhibition condition reports and de- installation of artefacts.
If disaster strikes. Disaster Response, Consultant Conservator Quick response is vital for the successful recovery of damaged artifacts. If necessary on site assessment can be carried out to evaluate the situation and organise recovery and treatment of damaged works.
Removing mould spores from a parchment document using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Wearing a mould filtering mask plus hat Julie went on to removed all of the housing materials from the Indenture as they were badly effected by mould.
Insurance Assessments Written assessment of artifact or collection damage and repair for Insurance purposes is available. Damage reports consist of a full condition report, examination, photographic documentation and prognosis of the effects the damage may have on the artifacts long-term preservation.
A bag of wet bank notes. Left untreated, wet artifacts will develop mould damage, which is harmful to our health. Damage limitation was undertaken to dry to notes quickly so they could be handled, recorded & processed by the Insurance company.
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When deciding to loan an artifact Loan Reports: Assessment of an artifact condition prior to loan. Recommendations for transportation, display criteria, environmental considerations, and condition check on return from loan.
Ensuring the stability of an archive for exhibition. The Magna Carta on the left and other historic documents on the right are safely housed during temporary exhibition
Collection Surveys: Following discussions with the client a plan is put in place as to the overall goals of the survey. Work generally includes individual artifact description, identification of process, condition assessment, treatment priority level and storage requirements on Excel spreadsheet. Recommendations for the conservation and preservation of the collection are provided in an executive report.
Data entry onto Excel spreed sheets during collection survey work.
Preservation Training Talks and workshops on the care and handling of works on paper and parchment are tailored to the needs of the clients and their collections.
Setting out examples of optimum storage materials for works on paper for workshop participants at the Commissioners House, Chatham Dockyard.